Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush Having a Bad Week With Indie Singers

It seems both Lily Allen and Beth Ditto of the Gossip have laid into Bush this week, becoming only the latest to join a growing number of musicians and artists speaking out against the idiot president.

When the leader of the most powerful nation in history manages to piss off the entire planet, it's no wonder why he has so few friends left.

But it does seem the anger runs deeper than just Bush. The best quote came from Ditto (herself an open lesbian), who spoke about her frustration with the inequality in her native Britain:

"As a radical queer, there's never anybody I can 100% trust in politics. It's a fucking joke to even call it a debate with the idea that we (haven't yet treated) human beings like they are on the same par with everyone else, from homos to immigrants."

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Kevin said...

Beth Ditto is from Arkansas, not the UK.