Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Special Announcement from Rebel Frequencies

-My article "Is Russell Simmons Playing Politics with Hip-hop?" (from this past May, appearing in Znet Commentary) will be appearing in the upcoming anthology "At Issue: Should Music Lyrics Be Censored?" to be published by Cengage Learning in the spring of '08 (visit Cengage's website at This is my first time being published in an anthology, and is needless to say, a very big step. Much thanks to everyone who has supported this blog and its mission throughout. Much more is to come.

-On that note, the recent inactivity on this site has been troubling (at least for me). But two articles are upcoming, a collaboration with Antonino D'Ambrosio on the fifth anniversary of Joe Strummer's death, the much-awaited review of the latest Saul Williams record, and much more in the new year!

-I will also be compiling a "collection" of my own. This will be in the tradition of the punk zine; made at home, photo-copied, and placed guerilla-style in unsuspecting record and book-stores. It will be a compilation of the best articles from over the past year or so. For those who aren't in the DC area and would like a copy, I'll be setting up an way to mail-order them for a small (very small) fee.

Stay Free,

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Dave said...

Congrats Alex!
Dave Z