Wednesday, November 28, 2007


From the mailing list of Gang of Four. To say it's a thrill they're making music again after twenty years is an understatement, and it's not really suprising that they've seized the moment to buck the industry... -AB

The Gang of Four are back in the studio working on new songs and recordings for release in 2008. Dave Allen is posting about the process of writing and recording and also posting rough takes of the new songs to his blog as the band work their way through all the ideas on the table. At the end of the message is a link to a MP3 of the first rough recording. There'll be more coming over the next couple of weeks. Here's what Dave has to say about it all.

"To prove that we are actually working and not just sitting around debating Situationism or the collapse of the recording industry, I have posted below a very rough recording (culled from video footage I shot) of a new song that I will call Password (you can be certain that this title will change.) The aim here is that if you are inclined to follow our progress as we write and record then these MP3 posts will be like milestones which can be used later to compare the genesis of a song against the final version.
We are debating, as we do, how we will release the finished goods. Jon King reminds us that our career kick-off was defined by the Damaged Goods EP, a three song, cheaply recorded debut that made a lot of waves in the UK and European press well before we signed to the majors. So how about we start the new round of releases with a 4 song digital EP? Probably. The 'album' could then be built over time and released eventually as a CD, but in a compelling, high-value package that makes it valuable to our fans. We have those 4 song ideas as I write and they will be burnished and honed over the next 12 weeks or so. It then makes sense to get them into the hands (and ears) of the public as quickly as possible. Digital makes the most sense along with downloadable artwork, a vinyl record with free MP3s and remixes."

Go to Pampelmoose to get the MP3.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One can only take so much KT Tunstall

Still waiting for internet service at the new apartment. Have to use the wi-fi at a giant chain coffeeshop (I won't name names, but I think we all know which one). Their music selection is so proudly mediocre it makes any real music fan want to dig their veins out with a spork.

Meanwhile, Verizon still has me on hold. I think I almost prefer the musak...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What I'm listening to this week...

1. The Clash - From Here to Eternity
Some folks have talked about how, as the Clash broadened their sound into less "aggressive" genres, that they lost their raw energy. Not true, and this live album proves what amazing dynamism the band had right up until the end of their career. The intro to "Complete Control" sounds like they're lighting a match for a soon-to-come explosion, and the rest of the performances don't disappoint.

2. Bruce Springsteen - Magic
Yeah, the new album really is just that good. My review wasn't posted on this site, but anyone who's heard the album knows what I'm talking about. "Radio Nowhere" is vintage Springsteen that also proves he can be as modern and relevant as any of the barely-eighteen garage rockers out there, and his ability to ask questions tougher than any politician about this country shows that you don't have to sacrifice rock for talk.

3. Thelonius Monk - Monk.
This is a collection of some of his best stuff compiled by Columbia. Normally I don't go for jazz compilations, as the artist themselves rarely have any control over what gets selected. But this disc is a damn good listen. "April in Paris," "Liza," two different versions of "Pannonica," this may be a record-label's pre-packaged version of what they think is Monk's best stuff, but it sure doesn't sound like it.

4. Cat Power - Myra Lee
Stripped-down, rootsy blues-rock with Riot Grrrl attitude. This album may be about ten years old, but is undoubtedly among her best. She's got soul, and there aren't a lot of people with the bravery to just let that soul bleed through without the whistles and bells of a full band. Stage fright my ass!

5. Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!
Want to know what I think of this album? You'll have to wait 'til the review comes out! But let me just say that this may be one of my dark-horse favorites of 2007...


...for my recent absence. I have been in the process of moving, which, as always, takes much more time and effort than you originally anticipate.

There will be much upcoming in the near future for Rebel Frequencies, including a review of the new Saul Williams album. Please stay tuned.

Stay Free,