Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Is this what passes for "beef" these days?

The announcement that Jay-Z will be headlining at this year's Glastonbury festival has gotten some mixed reactions according to the NME.

On one hand, Glasto has always sought to bring on artists that bridge the gap between the mainstream and the "underground," and so it's easy to see how Jay-Z simply doesn't fit into that category given that he is associated with the most "mainstream" elements of the hip-hop world.

On the other, he's an immensely gifted producer and rapper. Are the fans who have beef with this just being elitist? It's entirely possible that they're so used to expecting more "indie" choices from Glasto that they aren't thinking about the actual abilities of the performer.

There is also the very real possibility that the discontent comes from the way that "gansta" and "rap" culture are scapegoated in Britian, which goes along the same lines as here in the States, but is heard in a lot more anenas than over here.

I'm only speculating here, but the whole thing seems like fallout from a media that loves to stir things up whenever hip-hop is concerned.

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