Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rock Against Racism to be featured at Glastonbury

Awesome! The NME reports that Britain's largest music festival will prominently feature a multi-artist tribute to Rock Against Racism.

It shows how much festival culture in the States has to catch up with that in Europe. While the festivals here in the US are almost completely corporatized and unaccountable, Glasto allows left-wing trade union groups to be a part of organizing the event. There isn't the fear of mixing in a little activism with the music at the festivals.

Meanwhile, the last time I saw anything like this Stateside was an Anti-Racist Action tent at the Warped Tour almost ten years ago! They've now been replaced by Army recruiting stations and Bud Light tents.

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Alhaji said...

No surprise that the US won't follow suit anytime soon.

Stereotypes, racism, and sexism all contribute to our proud nation's economy. By keeping people falsely separate through things such as race and gender -- which they have 0 control over -- it works to the advantage of the economy in many ways. Also, the government is easily able to have more control when the citizens are separated rather than unified.

I've been loving your posts lately. They've been interesting to me.