Friday, May 1, 2009

Let Each Stand in Their Place

Today is May Day. International Workers' Day. Hundreds of thousands of workers are marching today for a world without war, inequality and injustice. As the economy worsens, there couldn't be a more urgent time to continue reviving this tradition here in the United States.

There's really only one thing to do here at Rebel Frequencies on a day like this. You'll see it below.

I could put up an older, more classic version of this song. Billy Bragg's certainly has its shortcomings. I also wish I could find a version with the American lyrics. But Bragg's is dynamic enough. And no matter what version of the song you listen to, no matter what language it is in, its stirring, rousing sound continues to inspire those who fight for a better world.



doug said...

Check this dvd out, in the special features it has different lyrics including the American ones.

Lots of great performances as well.

dsharber said...

this is the closest version i found to what we sing...

i got it from this site: