Thursday, October 1, 2009

You have no excuse to not download this!

Just a follow-up: K'NAAN and J.Period's mixtape The Messengers has been released in its entirety. And yeah, it's off-the-hook! All three "episodes" can be downloaded for free (yup, free) at the mixtape's website.

Doing a mixtape tribute to not one, not two, but three greats of rebel music--Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan--might sound unwieldy. And it's true that the whole trilogy is almost forty songs long. That being said, the tape never becomes boring. It walks a balance between paying homage and giving its subjects the "screw-chop" treatment. K'NAAN, for his part, spits playfully chill rhymes that blend with Fela, Marley and Dylan quite well. Often, it sounds like he's more or less riffing off what the singers are giving him--which was most likely an intention.

This is one of the best releases to hit the waves this year. That's not hyperbole. An impressive and ambitious effort from one two artists in hip-hop who are only recently starting to get their due. A more in-depth review will indeed be appearing here at Rebel Frequencies. In the meantime, this is a flat-out plug (which I don't normally do--yeah, it's that good). The Messengers is totally free. Once again, you have absolutely no excuse not to download this!


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Murph said...

I'm picking up what you are putting down brother. Peace- Murph