Friday, June 10, 2011

New Stuff...

There are a couple new things that are happening here at Rebel Frequencies. First, as people have no doubt noticed by now, the coverage of artists boycotting Israel has increased greatly. This isn't by accident; the stakes are high in the Palestinian solidarity movement. And with the new Flotilla about to be launched and the revolutions across the region deeply effecting the confidence of those in Palestine, the cards are more stacked than ever for those seeking to bring down the apartheid regime.

So, every week here at RF there will be a BDS rundown of sorts, updates on artists and the international boycott of Israel--be it about Coldplay posting support for the cause on Facebook, the push to get Paul Simon to cancel his show there, or the uproar around Jello Biafra playing a gig in Tel Aviv. Make no mistake, this is a big deal both for the prospects of radical struggle around the world and for rebel music itself. Not since the campaigns against South Africa has there been such potential for artists to actively speak with one voice for justice and equity.

The next change here is a bit more mundane: Rebel Frequencies is on Twitter. I've remained quite resolutely anti- for quite some time, but after a while the arguments about how much easier it's going to make spreading the word about this site... well, they won out. Now there are several ways to keep up with RF: joining the mailing list, following on NetworkedBlogs, the RSS feed (of course), or going to Twitter and looking up @RFrequencies.

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JM said...

That's sad about Jello and his reasoning is just poor. I never liked him too much outside the Dead Kennedys, but this just a shame.