Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BDS Update: No Punk for Apartheid... and No Beats Either

My interview on CKUT Montreal's "Roots Rock Rebel" radio show is now available for download. Aaron Lakoff (a.k.a. "Aaron Maiden"), host and fellow signatory of Punks Against Apartheid, asks me some excellent questions about the newly launched network. The interview starts around 35 minutes in, but it's also worth listening to the whole show; Aaron's taste in ska, punk and reggae is excellent! It was a blast doing the interview and plenty of thanks directed his way are in order.

As has been said before, Punks Against Apartheid enters an exciting fray culturally and politically. The global resistance is picking up, and so are the calls for artists to not play for an apartheid state. Thus, the campaign that was recently launched trying to convince MF Doom to cancel his gig in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, Doom went forward with that show. He shouldn't have. As the letter addressed to Doom from PACBI reads:

"Many of your fans have expressed their outrage over your coming performance in Tel Aviv. In fact, a local Palestinian contemporary of yours, Boikutt Kutt, has written on your Facebook page: 'You’re performing 30 minutes from where I live but I can’t come to your show simply because I’m Palestinian. I live in a prison called the West Bank and I’m a big supporter of your music. Don’t play for the oppressor, don’t play for colonialism, don’t play Apartheid "Israel" … Stand on the right side of history and respect the Palestinian call for boycott.' We join your fans in urging you to stand up for what is right."

Natch. We're talking about hip-hop here, a music and style that developed as a cry against invisibility. Israel isn't just forcing invisibility upon the Palestinians, if they continue on their present path, they'll be forcing oblivion on them too. Such a regime can't be given artists to run cover for it.


I'll be writing an article in the coming weeks assessing the formation and future for Punks Against Apartheid for the Electronic Intifada. So, as always, well... you know.


JM said...

awww Mf Doom's one of my favorites. :(

Alexander Billet said...

Yeah, really disappointing.

JM said...

On the subject of rap, have you read this yet?:http://www.theawl.com/2011/11/the-black-millionaires-of-occupy-wall-street