Friday, December 2, 2011

The End Of a (Very Loud) Year

Rebel Frequencies will be going on a much-needed vacation on December 22nd and will be returning in the New Year. There's much more to say about the music of 2011, and it will be given a thorough run-down here in the coming final two weeks of the publishing year.

This past year is going to be remembered at a year of revolt, and when such a term could viably re-enter the cultural lexicon. And like all great revolts, we've had our soundtracks--from Arab rappers to folk-singers in Madison to the hundreds of overlooked troubadours of the Occupy movement.

It will all of course be discussed here in the next two weeks--particularly in the 2011 "post-mortem" article and a piece that will particularly enumerate the year's most important songs. Next year will see a lot more to come here at RF too, from the publication of the interview with Arabian Knightz' Sphinx to a review of White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race. So after the dawn of 2012 don't forget to tune back in. Before the 22nd, though, make sure to keep checking back in.

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