“We want rebel music, street music. Music that breaks down people’s fear of one another. Crisis music. Now music. Music that knows who the real enemy is.” -Dave Widgery, Rock Against Racism

I've been a regular contributor to, the Electronic Intifada and Green Left Weekly, and my articles have also appeared at, Z Magazine, New Politics, CounterPunch,, Dissident Voice, the International Socialist Review, the Washington Peace Letter, MR Zine and among others. I'm also a member of the editorial board of Red Wedge magazine, a revolutionary arts and culture publication launched in the summer of 2012.

My article “Is Russell Simmons Playing Politics with Hip-Hop?” appears in the academic collection At Issue: Should Music Lyrics Be Censored For Violence and Exploitation? released in 2008 by Greenhaven Press. I'm currently working on my first full-length book, Shake the City: How a New Generation of Artists and Rebels are Shaping Music.

I have also been interviewed on WBEZ's "Eight Forty-Eight" in Chicago, Radio Free Adelaide in Australia and W.E.A.L.L.B.E. radio show. I'm a founder of Punks Against Apartheid, the Rebel Arts Collective, and am a longtime activist in various anti-racist, economic justice and international solidarity movements.

Contact me at, or through Twitter. I also maintain a Tumblr blog.